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Minimalist Concrete Incense Holder

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Real Concrete Decorative Incense Holder Ideal For Bathroom, Home Or Office Decoration. - 1 Piece 12.52" long 

This concrete incense holder is a unique, unexpected decorative element, especially for its materials and texture. For lovers of aromatherapy, incense, yoga, meditation accessories, and accessories for altars. This is a piece that can function as a decorative accessory, while at the same time scenting your space. Handmade concrete or concrete collectible piece.

Why use incense? Incense is used by millions of people from various cultures. It is native to the Middle East. It is quite common in homes since incense provides harmony in the home and among the people who live in it. In addition, it removes bad energies and promotes a positive economic flow.

Incense burning benefits people for different reasons. Well, it has both mystical qualities and others validated by science.
Each type of incense influences people in different ways, depending on its aroma. Each of them benefits various aspects of people's lives. Your feelings, your relationships. For this reason it is used as a purifier and healer.

Measurements: 13 x 2 x 2” tall
Weight: 2 lb | Does not include incense

The decorative elements must be unique, fun and unexpected pieces. Ideal for a perfect gift, for your home or office.

Handmade product by Mexican artisans. Taking care of the quality of each piece.

Material: real concrete. Part of the beauty of concrete is that it can have different colors, small cracks or fissures, which will make your piece unique and special. Attention: Concrete is heavy and fragile, we recommend handling it with care!"